About Us

Minab Construction, based in Melbourne, is a private developer active in the field of residential and commercial development. Our experience and commitment combine with our extensive knowledge of today’s ever-changing demands, allowing us to deliver high quality and value-for-money developments.

Our goal is to improve the communities in which we work. Through community involvement, sustainable business practices, and unwavering integrity, we are always striving to be better and to do better.
At Minab Construction, we focus on building excellence for all of our clients. Our strengths include:

  • Client-Focused Business Decisions: We are privately-held and make decisions to maintain client and community relationships for the long-term, not for the short term.
  • Responsible Management: We follow through on our commitments. Even with the fluctuations in the economic environment, we will never forget our responsibilities.
  • Strong Business Model: We manage all the projects using up-to-date experts and professional consultants, while we provide a single-window accountability system.
  • Financially Strong: Our bonding capacity is proportionate to the scale of our projects.
  • Best Value: We are experienced enough to deliver construction services that help you maximise the dollar value for your project and find efficiencies in the schedule while at the same time making the building process easier for you.


Roohollah holds a Master’s degree in the field of Civil Engineering with specialisation in Structure Design as well as a Bachelor’s degree in General Civil Engineering. These qualifications along with his extensive experience help Minab deliver quality developments, on-time and on budget.